June 27, 1982 3:00 O'clock it started.

On June 8th and 9th we Celebrated. Now Watch.

..and Yes Laura Apy, alotta Love Was involved!


On May 27th I watched my daughter graduate from college 4 years after having watched her graduate from FM.  On June 15th I watched my son graduate from FM.  And in between these milestones I had the joy of spending a weekend with former classmates as we celebrated our 30th year reunion.  Talk about a cause to reflect.
It is certainly cliche to say how quickly the time has passed by.  But really, 30 years since we left high school as the newly graduated Class of '82?  I hope that last weekend provided an opportunity to share stories, pictures and laughs that rekindled memories and bridged the years a bit.  Whether it was at dinner, a comedy club, a pub or a putt-putt course I reveled in being with such wonderful, comfortable and trusted company. And now with our 30th behind us we're off and running with our jobs, families, finances and deadlines.  As always I cherished our time together and thank all those who attended.  A special thanks to John Moceyunas and please visit our FM Class of '82 web site he designed and view the slide show he put together from the reunion.  And by the way, the smiles don't lie - I wasn't the only one who cherished our time together.
                                                                                              Best wishes and warmest regards,